The LOCKBASE Calculation Module allows the easy calculation of master key systems with any structure and complexity.

It uses very efficient algorithms to calculate complicated cross and interchange keys. Most of the European and American cylinder brands and their profiles are supported. (The figure above shows only a few of the possible cylinder brands)

The Calculation Module together with the LOCKBASE System Matrix form the basic module for the Calculator - the calculation program for master key system manufacturers.

The LOCKBASE Code Group Administration enables a systematic administration of the code sections used for the calculation of master key systems, in order to prevent an inadvertent overlap of combinations in different master key systems.

The Code Group Administration also helps you to divide up the variations within a brand in such a way that for differently sized large systems there is an appropriate number of key combinations available.

The Code Group Administration is part of the LOCKBASE Professional and is available also as add-on module for the LOCKBASE Calculator.