All LOCKBASE programs are composed of modules which represent different view and handling requests if dealing with master key systems. Thus the software can become exactly ‘ready-made’ on the respective request.

The data base modules i.e. the data stock for Persons, Keys, Cylinders and Doors, are the basis of each program, however for the program to run, at least one view and operation module must be added.

The LOCKBASE module concept covers four view and operation modules:

The Data Lists is the module for the complete administration of master key systems.

The System Matrix is an operation module for manufacturers and suppliers who are already experienced in using Matrix representation for master key systems. (matrix: cylinders/doors vs. keys)

The Calculation module enables one to work out key combinations, pinning and profiles for master key systems.

The System Designer module allows for planning and analysing of master key systems. The System Designer allows, through copying and multiplication of sub groups, the fast production of large master key systems.

In addition to these basic modules there is a set of expansion modules which provide additional functions.

The Code Group Administration offers expansion for the LOCKBASE Calculation module. It avoids the unintentional overlapping of several master key systems.

The Material List provides a systematic listing of the materials required for the production of a master key system.

The Interface for key cutting machines passes on data with bitting or pinning information to computerised key cutting machines or automatic pinning machines.

The System Designer is a module for the planning and analysing of master key systems.

Brand Modules encapsulate the differences in various cylinder constructions.The Calculation Module allows flexible expansion through the addition of brand modules.

LOCKBASE C2B is an ordering system for master key systems, which has been designed to make the data exchange between customer and locksmith/distributor/manufacturer more easy and secure. LOCKBASE C2B is available as an add-on module which contains a tiny ordering program. The LOCKBASE Create Assistant (LbwC2B) enables customers to create master key systems quickly and easily with little or no experience. The locksmith/distributor/manufacturer will receive a file containing the master key system.