We have bundled together four LOCKBASE program packages which have different main application fields. These can be further extended if desired:

LOCKBASE Manager and Manager lite - the key management programs for ‘end-users’ of master key systems.

LOCKBASE Administrator - the master key system administration program for the locksmith.

LOCKBASE Calculator - the simple calculation program for small and middle sized master key system construction.

LOCKBASE Professional - the professional planning, calculation and administration program for manufacturers of master key systems.

These program packages can be used on their own so that further extensions are an option rather than a necessity.

If you should wish to extend your LOCKBASE program package at a later date all other components are available as expansion options which can be integrated into your LOCKBASE package at any time.

LOCKBASE C2B is a highly secure ordering system for master key systems to make the data exchange between the customer and the locksmith/lock factory straightforward. LOCKBASE C2B is available as an add-on module and incorporates a smaller ordering program, the LOCKBASE Create Assistant (LbwC2B), which enables the customer to enter a master key system simply and speedily without knowledge of master key systems. The locksmith/manufacturer does not need to enter the data for the master key system as he will receive the order from his customer as a LOCKBASE file.


Web Update Service: If your computer has Internet access LOCKBASE can search for, load and install new updates automatically from the LOCKBASE Web Server.

LOCKBASE has a comprehensive User Administration. One can create an unlimited number of users that can be given different access rights to data and program functions: e.g. the availability of different data (Data Lists, System Matrix, Calculation Module, System Designer, Machine Interface), the display of technical data fields, blocking of already delivered master key system parts, etc.

Data import of CSV files (e.g. from Excel): Any number of import formats can be defined and stored. Using the clipboard, CSV import formats can be imported.

Extended search function: Search terms can be found within several data fields. The results could be highlighted or the search term can be used as a filter.

History of keys and persons: All key issues or returns can be displayed or printed out whether by key history or user history.

Order Administration: enables a direct assignment of cylinders and keys to the orders. Additionally, the order administration provides a small customer database.

End user - data synchronisation: If one expands a master key system, the manufacturer’s new data (new keys/cylinders) can be automatically forwarded to the customer via data synchronisation. (LOCKBASE Manager and Managerlite)